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The Bandidos Motorcycle Clubalso known as the Bandido Nationis a " one-percenter " motorcycle club [1] [2] [3] [4] with a worldwide membership. The club was formed in by Don Chambers in Texas. Its motto is "We are the people our parents warned us about. The first Australian chapter was formed inin Sydney, by former members of the Comancheros.

They have a small but growing presence in New Zealand after a rocky start in The first European chapter opened in Marseille in France infollowed by chapters in Scandinaviain Denmark in and Sweden in As of March 15,the club has opened a new "Probationary Chapter" in Sittard, in the Netherlands. Additionally, it is looking into setting up shop in Russia and Eastern Europe and also in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The first chapter opened in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in and it is considered the first international motorcycle club to open in the Middle East.

Like the Hells Angels[18] [19] [20] The Bandidos also have a number of "support" clubs. They also commonly wear a unique patch known as the "Heart Patch" consisting of a round patch in Bandidos colors on the front upper left of the colors vestas worn by the member.

Most of these clubs are regional. In NovemberGlenn Merritt of the Seattle, Washington chapter was sentenced to four years in prison for drug possession and trafficking in stolen property.

A total of 32 members were indicted in the associated investigation, on charges including conspiracy, witness tampering, and various drug and gun violations. Eighteen of those pleaded guilty. Lustick, under which he received 22 months credit for time served and three years on supervised release.

Despite this being a felony conviction, the plea agreement accepted by Judge John C. Coughenour allowed Wegers to still participate in Bandidos events, associate with known felons, and travel worldwide with court permission.

No RICO forfeitures were imposed by the court. On 16 Augusta passer-by on Interstate 10 flagged down a police car after finding Robert QuirogaInternational Boxing Federation Super flyweight champion from tolying next to his car.

Quiroga had been stabbed multiple times. I don't have no remorse.Your email address will not be published. It is possible that your entry in the guestbook is only visible after we have checked it. We reserve the right to edit, delete or not publish entries. Guestbook list navigation 1 2 3 4 October at : Congratulations to Bandidos mc Nice with your 20th Annaversery in Bandidos nation.

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Biker funeral in Montreal attended by hundreds of Hells Angels, surrounded by police

October at :. Bmc lion-city Brescia Italy from Brescia italy wrote on Congratulations to Bandidos mc Nice with your 20th Annaversery in Bandidos nation.

Congratulations to Bandidos Mc Nice with your anniversary. The global Bandidos MC movement is a federal union of indipendant motorcycleclubs whithout an worldwide umbrella organisation. Share on Facebook Share on Facebook.Also found dead are Jamie Flanz, 37, a prospective member of the gang, and an associate member, Michael Trotta, After they report it, officers arrived to find the bodies of eight men stuffed inside the vehicles in what police would later dub one of Canada's worst mass killings.

Each victim is a Bandidos member or associate and had been shot in the head execution-style. In the days that follow, police charge five people with first-degree murder. Then in mid-Junepolice made another break in the case with the arrest of three men in Winnipeg, including a former police officer. A first-degree murder conviction means an automatic life sentence with no parole for 25 years. A sixth man, Brett Gardiner, 25, was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter and six counts of first-degree murder.

The six were convicted by a jury in Superior Court in London, Ont. The case goes to the jury. After six months of testimony from more than 70 witnesses, closing submissions begin. The jury hears from lawyers for five of the accused. The trial hears for the first time from Sandham. He and several others of the accused are linked to the Bandidos' Winnipeg chapter. Sandham's testimony corroborates many details in the testimony of police informant M.

But there are many glaring differences, notably that M. The trial hears secret tape recordings of a police informant, M. In the third day of testimony, a former Bandido turned informant tells a London, Ont. Michael Sandham, one of the accused, met with gang officials from the U. The Winnipeg club and Kellestine decided to hold a club meeting for Toronto members at Kellestine's place and spent the hours before the meeting loading a cache of weapons to "be prepared for the worst" in Kellestine's words, M.

In his first day of testimony, M. A construction worker and father of three, M. But he says he quickly came to notice the tensions between the Winnipeg faction and its Toronto sponsor, which wasn't allowing the Manitoba faction to become a full-fledged chapter. The murder trial for the six accused begins in London. The trial is expected to last six months.

In the statement Niessen admits to lying to police and helping Kellestine with a false alibi. He also said he was aware people in the house were destroying physical evidence that he knew might be linked to the killings. The preliminary hearing for the eight people accused in the case ends. One defendant, Wayne Kellestine, gives reporters the finger, sticks out his tongue and mouths a profanity at a courtroom artist.

Police in Winnipeg arrest three men in connection with the killings, bringing the total charged in the case to eight.

The Bandidos massacre: An ‘execution assembly line’ wiped out the Toronto biker gang 10 years ago

CBC News learns one suspect, Michael Sandham, is a former police officer who held positions of authority in several Manitoba communities. Police drop first-degree murder charges against two of five people charged in the deaths.

Morris was the only woman charged. Four of the five people charged in the biker gang slayings made brief court appearances in St. Thomas by video link. The three men and one woman are charged with first-degree murder. Ontario Provincial Police Det. Ross Bingley confirms that all eight of the men found dead on Saturday were associated with the Bandidos biker gang.A founding members of the Hells Angels in Quebec has been denied parole on a drug-trafficking sentence — in part because he remains loyal to the motorcycle club.

Michel Sky Langlois, 74, also told the Parole Board of Canada he is not interested in being transferred to a halfway house because he fears contracting the coronavirus. The investigation revealed a few Hells Angels based in Quebec, including Langlois, controlled drug networks in specific locations across the province. An undercover agent met with Langlois and another Hells Angel on Aug. The agent learned Langlois claimed to have title over drug trafficking in Petite Nation, a regional county municipality, and was partners in the distribution of nearlymeth pills and several kilos of hashish.

On Oct. His sentence left him with a prison term of just under 33 months. At the time, Langlois agreed with a summary of facts that were read into the court record. But he told a different story to the parole board last week — that he was merely helping a friend by selling meth and never saw the drugs being sold.

But the board could not overlook the fact Langlois continues to meet with organized crime figures while behind bars. Like Like. With everything going on in the world this is news worthy?

bandidos quebec

Get a productive job you bum. Skip to content Search for: Search Close. Close Menu. Check out what Hollywood has to say He was denied both full parole and day parole.

Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.It was Dec. Police never identified the person on the other end of the line, but the call came from a cellphone owned by Richard Dick Mayrand, who was at the time one of the most powerful Hells Angels in Quebec.

He defected to the Hells soon after and remained a member of the gang till his death May Gang members arrived in groups, many of them on Harley Davidsons, between a. By the time the funeral was slated to begin, there were about motorcycles in the parking lot, and an equal number of cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and minivans. The majority were from Montreal. All were men and white, and most were middle-aged with long beards.

A helicopter flew overhead. A mobile command post was set up a block away, and three officers were posted at the entrance of the parking lot, with one officer taking photographs of the licence plates of the cars that entered and another writing them down. About 10 other agents were posted in several spots in the parking lot and around the funeral home. The sight of so many Hells Angels paying tribute to Sauvageau would have been inconceivable during the s while the Rock Machine clashed with their rivals.

On Oct. No one was injured in the attempted hit, but the police believed the Hells Angels were behind it because the shots were fired from a passing minivan, the type of vehicle Hells Angels were using for hits at the time.

Sauvageau was also involved in the violence of the biker gang war. On May 8,just months before someone tried to kill him, a powerful bomb was set off in front of a club the Hells Angels controlled on St-Laurent Blvd. No one was killed in the early-morning blast, but Peter Paradis, a Rock Machine member who became a prosecution witness during the biker war, later testified in at least two trials that he set off the bomb on orders from Sauvageau.

Weeks before the call to Saveaugeau was made inthe Hells Angels had offered their rivals a brief truce and then sought to recruit members of the Rock Machine they considered worthy of becoming Hells Angels. The truce was agreed to in because, at the time, Rock Machine members had just become probationary members of the Bandidos, an international biker gang. The Hells Angels in Quebec hoped to prevent the Bandidos from breaking ground in Canada and saw the truce as an opportunity to steal away as many experienced drug traffickers from the probationary Bandidos as they could.

He had been charged in Project Magotthe drug-trafficking investigation that led to the arrests of alleged Montreal Mafia leaders Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito in Sauvageau, 62, was the only person left in Project Magot who still had charges pending. He is believed to have died of natural causes. He was scheduled to have a trial before a jury last November, but on Oct.

Project Magot uncovered evidence that Sauvageau distributed cocaine to a man named Patrick Corbeil who, in turn, supplied the drug to lower-level dealers. When arrests were made in NovemberCorbeil decided to become a prosecution witness and revealed that his partnership with Sauvageau began in Corbeil estimated that between and he handled kilograms of cocaine in all and was able to sell four kilos per month in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.There were a number of outlaw motorcycle clubs as well as other groups involved in the conflicts:.

This was their first known presence in Quebec. There are multiple suggested motives which led to the Quebec Biker War, the most common being that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were attempting to take hold of Quebec and the local drug trade. In the Rock Machine Founder Salvatore Cazzetta was arrested for attempting to import 11 tonnes of cocaine. There are literally hundreds of events that can be associated with the Quebec Biker War, below are some of them:.

Patrick Call fires several shots into the car, killing Maurice Lavoie instantly.

Timeline of the Bandidos massacre

Although his girlfriend is hit she is able to exit the car and later identifies Patrick Call, who is a member of the Pelletier Clan. It is believed that Maurice Lavoie had decided to buy drugs from the Hells Angels instead of the Pelletier Clan, which is believed to have led to the shooting.

Bandidos MC ex-member Tony Duguay is charged with the murder. He was playing in a schoolyard near the vehicle. He is sentenced to three concurrent life sentences with no chance of parole until They are both charged with attempted murder. The arrests are alleged to solve 22 murders that occurred between andincluding some which were related to the Quebec Biker War. View our list of outlaw motorcycle club books to see our recommended reads.

This book appears to have more of a focus on the trials that follow the events, rather than the events themselves. Skip to content. It is estimated that there are over deaths that can be associated with the war. In Rock Machine MC was founded. Share this:. You May Also Like.Halifax, Nova Scotia December 21, BTN — The Hells Angels have re-established an evolving presence in Atlantic Canada, although experts say they have not expanded their roster of full-patch members since first reappearing in the region more than two years ago.

Police and organized crime experts say it's not clear why the country's most powerful motorcycle club has not found any local prospects worthy of full membership, but confirm the Angels are retrenching after their former Halifax chapter was smashed by police in Stephen Schneider, a criminology professor at Saint Mary's University who has written extensively on organized crime, believes the establishment of a new puppet club in the last year -- the Red Devils -- is a significant sign of intent.

The Red Devils have set up chapters in Moncton, N.

bandidos quebec

Cottreau said there had been a Nova Scotia prospects chapter, but it fell below six members this fall, and they've since become prospects for the Hells Angels in New Brunswick, where a Hells Angels Nomads club includes some full patch members that were transplanted to that province.

Experts believe the Angels are looking to expand territory and crack the drug trade in a region with several thousand kilometres of coastline, which makes it easier to import drugs.

Meanwhile, a traditional rival group for the Hells Angels, the Outlaws, has also pushed into the region with support clubs known as the Black Pistons in Fredericton and in Sydney, N. Schneider said he finds it surprising that the Outlaws MC are trying to move into Atlantic Canada after failing to emerge as a significant threat to the Hells Angels in Ontario. In Prince Edward Island there are two Bacchus club chapters and one affiliate chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club.

RCMP Cpl. Andy Cook said the Hells Angels are down to six prospect members from 10 in P. He said stepped up police enforcement likely led to some members leaving the club.

bandidos quebec

While it's believed the Port of Halifax is the main prize coveted by the Angels, police say they're not aware of any activity there. Schneider, who recently completed a study for the federal government on organized crime in marine ports, said he hasn't seen any direct evidence either. Schneider said the Angels' influence has suffered setbacks through police enforcement actions such as the arrest in July of prominent New Brunswick member Emery Martin on 10 drug-related offences.

However he believes it was the success of a crackdown years before against the motorcycle club in Quebec that has had the most impact. In AprilOperation SharQc resulted in arrests and the closure of several of the biker gang's clubhouses, however many of the court cases eventually fell through and Schneider said the Hells Angels have seen a resurgence in Quebec that has implications for the Atlantic region.

Having the Red Devils set up in Moncton is significant because they are a Tier 1 puppet group that has long been associated with the Montreal chapter of the Hells Angels. Cottreau said police are aware of the emerging threat and observed a Quebec Hells Angels presence in the region over the summer. She said police will move to enforce the law against the Angels where and when they can. They are a pretty well established organization. Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home.

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