Corona virus songs

For most of us, that primarily means staying home and washing our hands oftenfor at least 20 seconds, to flatten the curve and keep ourselves and our communities as safe as we can. For others, it means putting out some sweet, sweet coronavirus-themed jams. And also the part about staying home and handwashingthose are still important. Musicians the world over are recording songs that capture the strangeness and urgency of this moment in time and teach people how to stay safe and protect others.

It did not disappoint. With such an abundance of virus songs to choose from, where could you possibly start? Parents everywhere are trying to balance taking care of their children with professional responsibilities. Ariel de Cuba is no different. But in a good way.

This adorable monkey, complete with Guatemalan flag hair, stars in a television spot that shares COVID prevention tips in Kaqchikelan indigenous Mayan language spoken by aboutpeople. Heifer is working in 13 countries dealing with the virus. We are committed to not letting families lose progress on overcoming hunger and poverty.

100 songs to help lift your spirits during a pandemic

Please enable Javascript in your browser. Some features of the site will not work without Javascript enabled. Learn how to enable it here. Read about cookies and their benefits in our privacy policy. One Spotify list compiled coronavirus songs, and the list is growing. The songs sometimes share helpful tips and other times express the strangeness of the moment. Some of the more memorable songs include a Vietnamese pop hit, a South Africa choral arrangement and an old favorite, changed slightly.

Nor did the ensuing Tik Tok choreography. Cutest Use of a Monkey Puppet This adorable monkey, complete with Guatemalan flag hair, stars in a television spot that shares COVID prevention tips in Kaqchikelan indigenous Mayan language spoken by aboutpeople. Accept Decline.CNN With millions of Americans stuck at home to prevent the spread of the novel coronaviruspeople are doing whatever they can to stay sane.

For some, that means rewriting the lyrics to their favorite songs to bring a little levity to a grave situation. Some are channeling their inner songwriter to rework classics by Billy Joel, Queen and others into clever new compositions that reflect how drastically our lives have changed in recent days. You might be surprised at how well these lyrics fit our times.

corona virus songs

Starting with Harry Truman, this classic from Billy Joel spits out more than historical events and figures between and the late '80s.

Read More. But when Brittany Barkholtz, a Billy Joel fan, couldn't sleep one night earlier this month, the Minnesota woman decided to rewrite part of the song with lyrics that reflect the current crisis, according to Rolling Stone. I'm just a boring normal person who made a Billy Joel joke. With lyrics that start with, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? But Dana Jay Bein, a comedian from Cambridge, Massachusetts, decided to transform the song into a full-on "Coronavirus Rhapsody," posted in a series of 12 tweets.

I looked out the window, the curve doesn't look flatter to me, to me," Bein's parody begins. His version struck a chord -- it's been retweeted more thantimes. This catchy single by The Knack is about how lead vocalist Doug Fieger fell in love with his ex-girlfriend -- named, yes, Sharona. But today our concerns aren't about finding our soulmate as much as finding a store with toilet paper.

So Chris Mann, a professional singer who competed on the second season of "The Voice," rewrote the song to reflect that. I'm out of toilet paper, it's my corona," he sings. Since he posted it to YouTube Mann's parody has racked more than 1 million views. For you '90s kids who have never heard of the songs above, maybe you'll remember singing this JoJo song after splitting up with your high school boyfriend.

With lyrics like, "Get out right now. It's the end of you and me," this breakup anthem from got us through some hard times. Now that she's here, boy, all I want is for you to use common sense.Natasha Alterici's comic series, Heathen, has single-handedly redeemed the disaster that pop culture has been making of Norse mythology. Americana musician Elliott Park's second family-friendly collection brings his daughters along for the ride. John Lennon would have been 80 years old today.

After the Beatles, Lennon created a treasured solo catalogue, and we take you through the history and the music album by album. Future Islands' sixth album, As Long As You Areis more of the same -- deeply confessional synthpop -- and that's a beautiful thing. John Lennon helped transform the art and image of the pop star. His very public political activism and socially and politically aware lyrics have earned him a prominent place in the creative and political history of rock.

Despite its ambitious concept, Cut Worms' Nobody Lives Here Anymore is as much a product of nostalgic consumer culture as the society it criticizes. The Lone Bellow's live performance was a pleasurable distraction in the middle of a pandemic. But I had forgotten how to attend a ticketed concert.

George Marshall's western spoof, Destry Rides Againhas a serious central premise; can society function without the threat of violence? What It Isthe new album from multi-instrumentalist, producer, and Quantic collaborator Sly5thAve, represents a triumph of musicianship over genre conventions. Though marvelous at executing their musical ideas on Matriphagynu-metal's Tallah sacrifice creativity for fidelity.

The third album by the impossible-to-categorize no-wave duo Budokan Boys is a meditation on death filled with songs that are both strange and strangely moving. California singer-songwriter Rick Shea, whose credits include stints with Dave Alvin and Chris Gaffney delivers a dispatch on life of this most trying of years, Thank you for your life, Eddie Van Halen.

Long live the music, the joy, and all the little dreamers you inspired.

Frozen- The Corona Version

Instead, it builds on what the Los Angeles post-hardcore band do so well already. Mipso present a new music video that shows signs of perseverance and determination that they possess as versatile and accomplished musicians ready to release the fifth album in their nine-year career.

All rights reserved. PopMatters is wholly independent, women-owned and operated.Devastating tragedies, especially ones on such a global scale, often invite responses from celebrities and musicians. Where to begin with this monstrosity? Van Morrison announced plans to release not one, but three anti-lockdown songs—because how could you squeeze all that ignorance into just one tune?

If I ever unironically texted someone this question, I would allow them to hunt me for sport. This is where the dunking is almost too easy. However, it makes my stomach churn whenever I witness this cheesy, faux-inspirational telethon energy invested by artists who can do so many other things to help causes, like donating money, asking fans to donate and releasing new merchandise or previously unheard music to raise funds.

Lizzie Manno is an associate music editor, Coldplay apologist, bread obsessive and lover of all things indie, punk and shoegaze at Paste. Follow her on Twitter LizzieManno. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Tags covid imagine lockdown pandemic worst songs the foo fighters the stone roses van morrison. Also in Music.Under normal circumstances, choosing to stay in can be a nice break from the chaos of the outside world.

But these days, when social distancing is a worldwide mandate due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. Can music help us cope? We think so. Feelings of loneliness and alienation have made their way into countless songs.

corona virus songs

Here are some of our favorites that tackle the experience of solitude, and sometimes even find a silver lining. What better scene speaks to this moment than Ann Wilson singing to her sister from a balcony, safely six feet away? Its bright, convivial melody mariachi horns!

corona virus songs

The loneliness of the next several weeks if not months could fluctuate often between the two poles these songs capture: sometimes quotidian and tedious, the days just stacking on top of each other; other times pushing itself to the front, demanding to be seen.

Not that all artists should be constantly aiming for belly laughs, but those with the awareness to understand and communicate just how ridiculous and silly life is, especially at its most difficult and serious moments, are often the ones worth treasuring most.

The setup is gutting, a lonely, admittedly kind-of-pathetic late-night search for love — or just any kind of human connection — and the punchline is literally a cheap hyuck-hyuck gas station bumper-sticker line.

Berman leaves it all out their perfectly wry and dry, completely serious, but not that serious at all. This crisp, pop-rock gem from Nashville singer-songwriter Tristen is a fitting dose of me, myself, and I melancholy.

corona virus songs

Mac DeMarco knows solitude. His typical recording routine involves late nights at home with no one else around. Billy Corgan and loneliness go way back. That Cher can hear our cries for help as we sit in our homes and apartments surrounded by emergency toilet paper, soap, and canned beans?

Stream the "Coronavirus Song (The Rona Song)" For Free:

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Stream the "Coronavirus Song (The Rona Song)" For Free:

Path Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. Plus Created with Sketch.The coronavirus pandemic has killed thousands worldwide and sickened many others. It's prompted most entertainers to cancel their tours and, like the rest of us, stay home. To help pass the time, and lift your spirits, USA TODAY and a few helpers assembled a list of songs that are either fun, catchy or upbeat and will — we hope — make you smile and ease your worries, at least for a few minutes.

They're a mix of currents and retro hits from all genres, presented in no particular order. Vintage s. Do you? And your sister. And your neighbors. And, well, everyone.

It's "Fine by Me. Aren't we all, though? Quarreling during quarantine: How to keep the peace with your partner. Coronavirus canceled a lot of things.

Dating doesn't have to be one of them. In a good way. Some say we'll see a baby boom nine months from now. Soon, maybe. We're feeling nostalgic, what can we say?

Yeah, we didn't think so. Still, listen to the song. Itching to exercise during your quarantine? These 7 at-home workouts are free - for now.Dolly Parton and countless other country artists have written songs about the coronavirus pandemic. Countless country artists have taken on songwriting sessions from their respective homes via Zoom, with many writing about the current times. In the heartfelt ballad he penned solo, the country singer is in awe of all she does for others.

It has given me a new appreciation for all the people who spend their lives serving others in difficult times. The tune details the difficulties of homeschooling, empty grocery store shelves and the constant search for toilet paper. Parton has proven to be a constant source of light throughout Covid If we pull together as a community, we can rise above and look forward to more beautiful days on the horizon.

Each singer recorded their parts in isolation, as did the musicians. We may not all be affected in the same ways, but we are all going through this pandemic together as a human race It's invited me to really take account of the things that matter most, which aren't things at all — they're people. Life is filled with ups and downs but tomorrow brings us new chances, renewed faith and strength that we can get through to better days. The singer-songwriter penned the powerful ballad with Dallas Davidson and Adam Wood in late March, frustrated at the current state of the world.

People are suffering and it can't be ignored. Combs remains a mainstay on country radio, recently celebrating his eighth consecutive No. Currently No. The feel-good song gets a fitting video treatment in which all band members are seen playing six feet apart and doing their part to keep each other safe by wearing masks. A song about finding the silver lining in a difficult situation, Green provides some much needed solace. He then enlisted the help of country singers Brad Paisley and Lauren Alaina with gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard for the uplifting country gospel tune.

Proceeds from the empowering ballad go towards the Opry Trust Fund and Gospel Music Association to assist those affected by the pandemic. Adds Tinnesz, "I wanted to bring a lyric in the verses that was real and honest about how the separation felt. I hope this song captures a moment in history where we all realized we truly are better together. I am a freelance music journalist based in Nashville and serve as a country contributor at Forbes.

I also serve as founder of You Sing I Write, a music blog that focuses on an array of music, which launched in For more, follow me on Twitter and via yousingiwrite. This is a BETA experience.

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