Ducane furnace filter

Ducane products are an excellent choice for your HVAC furnaces and air conditioners. These products are some of the highest quality products on the market and are backed by 50 plus years of experience. Ducane furnace parts are guaranteed to the extent that if the product does not meet their standards, they will not stamp their name on it.

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ducane furnace filter

Ducane HVAC parts offer applications for both gas and oil furnaces, so you do not have to worry about changing the type of fuel line you already have when it comes time to replace the crusty old heater. Ducane air conditioners are available in different sizes so you can find one for your home, whether it is big or small.

If you need a heat pump, packaged unit, or air handlers and coils, Ducane is sure to have a product that is right for you. When it comes to purchasing a Ducane furnace parts, they want to make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing. They have categorized these furnaces into good, better, and best. There are a couple of options of heaters within the category, and each has its technical information available.

Their good option is generally less expensive but still meets all furnace requirements and regulations. The best option is going to be the most energy-efficient option.

One of the fantastic things about Ducane parts is that all of their products are made to be energy efficient. This means that when you purchase one of their products to replace an existing, less efficient product, you may be eligible for an energy rebate.

Though it is dependent on the model that you are purchasing, it offers an even better reason to think about purchasing Ducane furnace parts. Ducane products all come with a warranty as long as it is a new install. The terms of the warranty are as follows:. When it comes to purchasing a new air conditioner unit or heat pump for your home, you want to be sure to get the most energy-efficient as well as cost-effective products available.

Also available several Ducane replacement parts so you can get that hard to find a coil that will fix your existing unit. Register Login. Login Register.Ducane manufactures furnaces that keep your house warm during the coldest of winters.

If your Ducane furnace isn't heating as it should, you'll likely need to replace parts. Sears PartsDirect has the Ducane parts you need to fix any furnace failure.

Electric Ducane furnaces use a coil heating element to heat the air in your home. When a coil inside the heating element breaks, the furnace won't heat and a house circuit breaker will trip if the broken element coil shorts to metal inside the furnace.

The gas control valve supplies gas to the burner when safety sensors indicate that it's safe to ignite the burner. The wall control thermostat detects the temperature inside your home and cycles the furnace on and off to maintain the set temperature.

The furnace air filter removes dust and other particles from the air circulating through your home as the furnace runs. Check the house circuit breaker for the furnace. Many Ducane gas furnaces have a cut-out switch that looks like a regular light switch located on or beside the furnace that shuts off electrical power to the furnace.

Make sure that this cut-off switch is turned on. Check the pilot light if your Ducane gas furnace uses one to ignite the gas.

Ducane replacement parts Ducane manufactures furnaces that keep your house warm during the coldest of winters.

Models 7 Showing of 7. Shop parts. Showing of 7. Back to top. Categories All categories. All brands. Acoustic Research. Admiral Kelon. Admiral Wards. Adobe Aire. Air Electric. All Power. Aloha Housewares. American Harvest. American Sports.The discontinued Ducane Fits-All 80 gas furnace has 2-stage heating and a variable speed motor that enables it to reach up to 80 percent AFUE.

It can be used for upward, downward and horizontal applications, and can vent horizontally or vertically. This model of Ducane gas furnace operates with Honeywell Controls Smart Valve System to further ensure that no heat is unnecessarily produced and no gas is wasted on maintaining a continuous pilot light.

The manufacturer says that the design of the Ducane Fits-All 80 gas furnace protects the unit from corrosion, as it is produced with a pre-painted cabinet made of heavy-gauge material.

The heat exchanger is made with crimped aluminized steel intended to help it remain clean, free of leaks and tightly sealed for increased longevity and reliability. The unit is equipped with a 3-speed PSC blower motor, and each blower wheel is individually balanced to aid in noise reduction.

Additionally, the unit uses whisper burners and Honeywell slow-opening Smart Valves. It is also protected with a 5-amp fused circuit and has two-wire twinning. The Ducane Fits-All 80 can be converted to propane with a common LP kit and can be equipped with an electric air cleaner and humidifier.

Read more about Ducane Furnaces. It appears that these furnaces are crap. The control board failed. I read a few customer stories, and, with no prior experience, decided to try replacing the board. The replacement is slightly different from the original, but amazingly easy to install.

I would not hesitate to buy another Ducane system. This furnace has caused me so many problems I get upset thinking about it. First, after a couple months of use, the pressure switch goes out every 2 months of use. Finally this year, I bought 2 kerosene heaters to have as back-up for when the pressure switch goes out, and sure enough it did. So now my freshly painted walls in my house are covered with kerosene soot.

I have installed over Ducane furnaces and have never had manufacturer problem with any. Problems 90 percent of time are installer errors. The draft inducer motor is a little noisy when it comes on but the furnace performs properly. Online HVAC discussion boards include comments from technicians who note that they do not receive many calls about Ducane products while under warranty.Part of the value of a home furnace is its ability to disperse clean air throughout the house.

ducane furnace filter

If it can't move the air as efficiently as it's designed to do, its value diminishes both in its ability to keep you comfortable and in its potential diminished longevity. Every furnace has a filter that you must keep clean in order for the furnace to perform at highest capacity. If you have a Ducane furnace, check your Ducane furnace filter every couple months to ensure it's clean, and replace it when necessary. Grab onto the end of the filter and slide it out of the slot if yours is a side-return furnace.

It will be positioned vertically in the slot. Take the filter outside and shake out the dust if is a cleanable filter. Vacuum the surface of the filter to remove dirt, and wipe it down with soapy water.

Replace it when it has dried. Grab onto the sides of the lower front panel of the furnace, lift it up and pull it off to reveal the filter. It will be positioned horizontally in the furnace. Vanessa Ryan has over 15 years of both online and offline writing experience. She has worked as a copywriter for a busy ad agency since and has written numerous online articles, blogs, advertisements, websites, sales letters and news releases.

Ryan graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism in Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Tip Look on the filter itself to determine if you have a disposable or cleanable filter.

You can replace a cleanable filter with a disposable one. Step 1 Shut off the power to your furnace before you check or replace the filter. Step 2 Grab onto the end of the filter and slide it out of the slot if yours is a side-return furnace. Step 3 Take the filter outside and shake out the dust if is a cleanable filter. Step 4 Slide the new filter into the slot in the same way the old one came out. Step 2 Grab onto the sides of the lower front panel of the furnace, lift it up and pull it off to reveal the filter.

Step 3 Grab the filter and pull it out toward the front to remove it from the furnace. Step 4 Take the filter outside and shake out the dust if is a cleanable filter. Step 5 Slide the new filter into the furnace in the same manner the old one came out.

Share this article. Vanessa Ryan. Show Comments.Ducane sells both gas and oil furnaces. In addition, its variable speed blower is known to be quiet, providing even temperatures. No matter what features your furnace may have, however, you are still likely to run into problems.

Try troubleshooting the issues on your own before you spend money on a repairman. If you are trying to use your Ducane furnace and find that the pilot light will not light, check to see if the main valve is turned to the "On" position. You should also check the pilot H. Hot Surface Ignitor to see if it is broken and ensure that there is nothing clogging the pilot orifice. You may also be experiencing a problem with the control valve.

If you find that your burners will not ignite, check that the furnace is connected to the power supply. Make sure that there is no blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or faulty wiring. You may need to replace the transformer or the fuse on the fan timer board. If there is no gas at your main burners, the problem may be with your main valve.

See if it is opening or turned to the "On" position. See if you can find any loose or broken wiring connections. You may need to replace the entire valve system. You may have a furnace that is too small for the area you need to heat if you are not getting warm enough. Consider the size of your location when determining whether you need a larger heater. If that is not the reason, then perhaps your gas input to the furnace is too low. Other options are to clean or replace dirty air filters, use a faster blower speed and ensure that there is nothing clogging the ductwork.

Kelly Seiler has been a freelance writer and editor in Texas for the past 10 years. She grades essays on national standardized tests and writes reports on service received at local restaurants and businesses.

She attended Bucknell University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English and secondary education, a Bachelor of Science in elementary education and a Master of Science in education. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Ducane Furnace Manual Ducane Website. Share this article.One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to heating and cooling elements within a home is, "Where is my furnace filter located?

Still, you know that it is in there somewhere because every heating and cooling system in a home has a furnace filter. So where is the silly thing hiding? The location of your furnace filter is typically located somewhere close to where the fan is located. This applies to all different types of heating furnacesincluding gas furnaces, oil furnaces, electric furnaces, as well as air conditioners.

Even individuals who have been working in the HVAC industry for a number of years occasionally have difficulty when it comes to locating tricky hidden furnace filters, but they are always there somewhere!

Furnace filters can be found behind panels, inside the opening of a duct or even behind other equipment to keep them completely shielded from view. The original purpose behind furnace filters was simply to prevent stuff from damaging components by getting into the fan section of the furnace, which is why furnace filters can be practically anywhere as long as they are upstream of the fan to a degree.

Ducane replacement parts

Manufacturers of furnaces and furnace filters usually choose a designated location where their filters can be installed just in front of the fan components. Oftentimes you will find furnace filters are located somewhere within the duct system, somewhere upstream of the air handler location.

This furnace filter location is common when it comes to older heating and air conditioning systems. The best place to start is at the location of the air handler, and to work your way back from that point until you find the furnace filter because it can be pretty much anywhere.

Sometimes you will find it at the return air grill opening, and sometimes you will find it behind the return air grill itself. Once you have figured out which duct is the furnace return duct, you should be in business.

Ducane Furnace Filter Replacement

Find the grill opening that draws air into it; this is your return duct. The furnace filter will be somewhere nearby this opening, and between it and the air handler. Keep in mind that there is also the possibility that no furnace filter was installed when the entire unit was originally installed. It may have been removed but not replaced, or it may never have been installed to begin with.

If this is the case, have your furnace officially examined to ensure that everything is still safe. Without a furnace filter, the airflow in your furnace is likely very poor, which can cause safety issues. This is of course in addition to causing inefficiency in your heating and cooling equipment.

Poor airflow can cause a lot of problems in your furnace. If your heat exchanger heats up too much, it can warp or crack. This can cause a carbon monoxide leak or possibly even causing a fire. There is no telling what safety issues you may be causing by failing to ensure that you have a furnace filter in your furnace and that it is properly maintained at all times. Call Auchinachie Plumbing, Heating and Air with any questions you may have. Auchinachie Home Comfort Blog tagline Share this Post:.

Popular Recent. Locating your Furnace Filter. Quick Estimate Message Sent Successfully!Ducane furnaces may use gas or oil as a fuel depending on the efficiency of a specific model. In fact, customers may fix some of them by themselves. Find the Hot Surface Ignitor or pilot H. Make sure nothing clogs its orifice. The issue may also have to do with a malfunction of a control valve. The problem might be caused by damaged wiring, tripped circuit breaker or a faulty fuse.

Check all of these things and replace the damaged element if necessary. If the main burners receive no gas, the main valve is probably to blame. Carefully inspect it as well and try to find broken wiring connections which often cause this problem. In some cases, valve system might need a complete replacement. If it is the case, you might obviously need a larger and more productive model. If the size of the premise is okay, the issue may be in low gas input.

In other cases, the owners are recommended to check and clean the filters, set a faster blowing speed and remove all possible clogging the ductwork that may prevent the normal airflow. Service: Ducane Furnace Troubleshooting. Pilot Light. Flame rollout, blocked vent shutoff, or blocked drain safety switches open activated.

Look for loose or broken wiring connections.

How to Replace the Filter on a Ducane Furnace

If no deficiency is found, replace valve assembly. Check heat exchanger, venting system and condensate removal tubing for blockage. Furnace undersized for application. Gas input to furnace too low. Limit switch cycles main burners. Furnace cycles too often. Check gas pressure at manifold.

Clock gas meter for input If too low, increase manifold pressure, or replace with correct orifices. Check to make sure your control or thermostat is set in the HEAT position. Make sure the temperature is set warmer than the current indoor temperature. Try turning the fan to ON using the fan switch on the control or thermostat to test for power to the furnace. Check the filter for buildup. If you have one-inch-thick furnace filters, a once-a-month change is recommended.

Two-inch-thick filters — and other high-capacity pleated filters — usually only need to be changed every other month or less, depending on the type. Check all return air grilles to make sure they are not blocked.

ducane furnace filter

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