Infj can be dangerous

There is a lot of bad information out there. Some of it is downright wrong. Some of it is half-truths, partially accurate but missing an important part of the picture. Some of it is helpful but only for certain people…certain genetic types, ages, sizes, shapes, personalities, genders, etc.

Like a kid who caught their first fish. Or a high school senior who got accepted to their dream college.

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Or a toddler who just…in the…for the first time. Mommy, look!!! Ah, proud moments. How about a primer? How about an old post on Myers-Briggs itself? How about a deeper dive into INFJ types specifically? Also — as a reminder — yours truly is an INFJ, the wonderful, rare, weird old soul who can be infuriating and delightful all at the same time, especially to the poor sap trying to teach me something about this world.

Back up to speed? Nice…I knew you could do it! Those old Bob Ross episodes — now on YouTube — help me get to sleep. I watch golf when I want to be on-the-edge-of-my-seat engaged in fantastical television viewing, so I need something a little more sleepy before bed.

Maybe a happy little cloud lives here…. Did I actually use a Meatloaf reference in that post? I hope I at least offered you some ketchup to help choke it down. Woof…moving on…. And the inferior function of the INFJ the one we naturally suck at without a lot of cultivation :.

This one heavily relies on our five physical senses to gather as much input as possible from our environment. It also is very much about the present moment, being immersed in the situation of the here and now.

infj can be dangerous

If you have the time, you absolutely must watch the video. Speaking of not seeing the trees for the forest, where the hell am I going with all this? Somewhere, I promise…I always do. At least I always intend to. If not, find a really fast reader and have them read aloud, quickly as they can, then record it and play it back at double the speed. So if we INFJs need to see the big picture and understand how everything fits, what do you think is going to happen once we crack that health egg open on our Google machine?

We have to understand it, of course. All of it. And until we do? Well anything and everything could be broken until we check it all off the list…and that could take years, if ever! What makes that worse? Our lacking, inferior function is Extroverted Sensing, the one that would keep us grounded in the present moment and comfortable in our physical world, with our physical selves…if we were any good with it.

And we have to be the best one too! Talk about setting yourself up for failure! Excuse the expletive, but it felt appropriate.Each personality type has defense mechanisms and talents that they can use to take down an enemy or protect themselves from harm. What are yours? Find out! Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire! There are a lot of stereotypes about ENFPs.

They are often portrayed as the lovable but disorganized goofballs who always have a smile for everyone. Memes about these types usually include rainbows, unicorns, and confetti. But real, genuine ENFPs are actually a lot more insightful than these memes would imply. These types may be empathetic and conscientious, but they also have a knack for testing people, revealing their true intentions and making people aware of their own hypocrisy. In situations like this, they can easily unhinge an entire organization by dismantling one small part of it.

They quickly notice how complex systems are maintained and how each piece plays a role. Strategic and visionary, they are able to solve or create technical puzzles that will stump even the most analytical mind.

They enjoy the thrill of mixing things up and creating chaos in order to reveal the truth. INFPs have an innate desire to champion the underdogs of the world. Pick on an animal, a child, or a disadvantaged human and these types will take you down with a commitment and resolve that defies their ordinarily easy-going nature. They are also not easily manipulated. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is usually something that INTPs have in spades.

These personality types absorb data like a sponge and then they look for ways to analyze and critique that data to see how it fits into a larger context. In disaster situations or crisis scenarios, they can easily detach from the current situation to find solutions and analyze various angles and leverage points. Finally, they can spot inconsistencies nearly instantly. They can mastermind intricate plans of revenge and, if triggered, verbally attack an offender with scathingly accurate, debilitating assessments.

They can easily tune into the needs, wants, and desires of others and find ways to help them grow and develop. ENFJs can easily communicate personally to all the people in a group so that they all feel motivated towards one goal. They are extremely persuasive and insightful. Whether they are creating armies, mobilizing people towards a vision, or planting distrust in a group towards their leader, ENFJs can be emotionally strategic for either good or evil depending on their motivations.

ENTJs make formidable enemies for a number of reasons. They are excellent at mobilizing resources and supervising the implementation of complex, multi-faceted plans. This means that they can quickly and efficiently come up with ways to dismantle someone they believe is corrupt or ill-suited for their role. Also, if you violate their values, waste their time, or hurt someone they love they can become intensely focused and passionate about your demise. These individuals can instantly objectify their personal feelings and maintain control while they come up with a plan of attack.

Finally, ENTJs have powerful insights into what is likely to happen and can use that vision to create a detailed and effective plan of ambush. So yeah, try not to make them angry. Often underestimated, INFJs have a strong sense of the future and what is likely to happen. They easily see how situations will unfold and how people will be affected.

They can often forge empathic connections with others and understand how they are feeling on a deep, intuitive level.

While usually these talents are used for good, if you betray an INFJ or hurt someone they love, they can be experts in psychological warfare. They can mentally unhinge people as a way of getting them to own up for their mistakes and take responsibility. Sometimes this ability can be used in a healthy way, and other times it can be destructive.

Visionary and confident, INTJs are skilled at anticipating far in advance how situations will likely play out.Message the Mods.

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infj can be dangerous

Type Compatibility. Functions-based typology for INFJs. Posting Guide Hall of Fame. Mental Health and Support. What do you think? With our functions Ni introvert Intuition and Ti introvert Thinkingwe are able to analyse the situation of someone quickly.

We can also tell a person's true intentions whether it is good or bad after getting to know them for a while. When it comes to our Fe extrovert Feeling function, people tend to open up to us easily and tell us things they wont tell other people. Due to the amount of information we get from others and little about ourselves is said, we have leverage over others.

Imagine INFJs taking advantage of people's flaws, insecurities or even secrets and using it agaisnt them. With this thought, I'm sad to say this but im glad we are one of the rarest personalities in the world. It's such a weird feeling. I think we're uniquely capable of identifying those types of people. I've tried protecting people from people I presume to be at least borderline psychopaths in the workplace, and social situations.

I didn't used to think of it like a 6th sense, but since I've gotten older, late 20's and now my early 30's; I'm much more self analytical, and very very good at reading others. I can totally relate with you. It is amazing how easily you can notice things that most people don't want or are not able to see and predict.

At first, it was scary. For a long time, I had a feeling that I am going crazy. What annoys me is when people often come and ask the same question over and over: "How did you know that something will happens? About this part that we can be scary and dangerous people, there two main factors: personality and environment. There was almost a million chances where I could manipulate over someone to get what I want, but I never used that opportunity. It just look immoral. It can vary easily make u look Machiavellian or sociopathic even, when in reality it's just the gifts you where given.

Labeling it in a positive light might help change peoples persecution of you. I personally am never persecuted for it, but I am aware of what I do. Even if it's me doing something positive overall I'll still feel manipulative because I know that I nudged in just the right ways to make it happen while making sure everyone was ok with it. I think it is this awareness that keeps us in check, making us question our conscience and morality, keeping us responsible for our actions.

That's good to hear. I honestly need to know how u do it without seeming Machiavellian.This personality is idealisticserene, firm in its values, highly sensitive, but sure of itself and always oriented towards improving the lives of others. There are all kinds of articles that the list 10 key characteristics of this personality. This test is based on the psychological types developed by Carl Jung, defined throughout his clinical experience.

Today, this indicator is used mainly for group dynamics and personal growth tests. The Myers-Briggs is a kind of psychological test that education professionals usually like. It makes it easier for students to get to know each other and to make more informed decisions about their academic and work future. Through its four scales we can know, for example, how we see the world, how we process our surroundings, or how we relate to each other. Here are the characteristics.

This type of personality profile has a special ability to build relationships. They know how to make friends and keep them, they are warm and friendly, simple and good conversationalists. They are introverted by nature and need time alone to recharge their energy. Quite the opposite. This personality has a natural need to contribute to society, and from there, to dream while awake in order to act with conviction and determination.

At work, these people always show independence, goal-orientation, high creativity and a lot of intuition. Also, they often like both art and science. Also, another fact that characterizes them is that they often forget to take care of themselves. People with clear ideals, dreamers with a purpose who want to give their best to others.

Gordon Allport was a psychologist who laid the foundations of personality psychology. His theory is considered one of the first….

Kind But Strong - INFJs Are The Kindest Evil People In The World

Experts believe that breathing and relaxation exercises can be great allies in the battle against anxiety, depression, and OCD. Guilt is the price we pay to be a part of what we call civilization.

Although no set of moral rules has managed to eradicate destructive behaviors, they have managed…. The world of dreams opens before us while we sleep.The streets are full of snakes waiting to do you in as soon as you let down your guard. Here is why each of the 16 MBTI personalities can be a danger to you.

INFJs can conceal their true feelings from others and project an image or facade that is deceptive. They can be like social chameleons, reading the people they interact with and modifying their own behavior to effectively blend in. The INFJ can pretend to be obtuse and harmless when in fact they notice and pick up a lot of information about people that can be weaponized against them.

INFJs have a strong will and can shift from being altruistic to Machiavellian when it comes to fulfilling their ends.

INFP can sometimes be very calculating despite their ethereal and impressionistic temperament. Others may not realize how analytical and observant they can be which can contribute to a compounding of internal strife and festering contempt unbeknownst to others.

Anger may consume them until finally they lash out without warning. INTJs are dangerous because they can go the distance in staging an elaborate plot and actually get away with it.

INTJs are good at research and are able to find out lots of things about people. In person, they also have a tendency to retain specific details about what people say and do long after those people have forgotten. INTJ can keep score and log everything they observe on the hard drive of their mind for later reference. This why they are able to connect the dots that lead to insights long before anyone else would notice.

INTPs refrain from saying a lot of what enters their mind. INTP s can be a bane to insecure managers who do not appreciate the INTP calling out the fault in their reasoning in front of everyone and making them look like an illogical schmuck.

INTPs are dangerous because they can piece together the most cryptic clues and uncover secrets and substantial information they were not meant to know. INTPs are also capable of intense anger when dealing with senseless people. ENFJ is dangerous because they seem to know everything about everyone while in many ways remaining mysterious to others. They can get you to open up to them and divulge personal details that they can later blackmail you with. Their warmth and congeniality can be something upon which some people depend as a source of comfort and encouragement.

When ENFJ withdraws from their normally sunny temperament and become judgmental and harsh, it can be emotionally devastating to others who thought they could do no wrong. There is more than one way to skin a cat and ENFPs can think of more ways than most people could.

ENFPs are dangerous because they can be manipulative and win people over to their side using charm and charisma and sometimes wrap them around their little finger. ENFPs can acquire power and influence because of this and once they have it, it can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. ENFPs fortunately, tend to have good values which they stick by. Against their enemies however, they can be surprisingly cutthroat and will not hesitate to permanently remove truly toxic people from their lives.

ENTJs are dangerous because they can run a tight ship and crush their competitors with it. They are very competent and whatever they set out to do, it is wise not to bet against them. They have an enormous amount of belief in themselves and they have tremendous vision and perseverance to allows them to bring to fruition grand ambitions others would not have thought possible. You do not want to have an ENTJ as your enemy.

ENTPs have the ability to gaslight and cause others to second guess what they thought they knew. The ENTP person routinely recognizes a manifold of alternatives and contingencies that allow them to anticipate and find loop holes and work around restrictions put up against them.

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The INFJ Personality, the Most Rare Personality (According to Carl Jung)

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infj can be dangerous

I would probably have reviewed Le Kliff anyway, because it is so extraordinary, but when Ramon asks us personally because it will benefit him personally, the psychological impact of that appeal is quite powerful. I really, really wish I had experienced this last year, as I would have included Ramon in my new book, Hug Your Haters. Speaking of which, the book is available for ordering now at HugYourHaters. It can even be illegal to do so.

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