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Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. About Us. We have the capabilities to deliver from small timber repairs and pile driving to complete jetties. We also hire out our self propelled barges for any task that needs to be done. If you have any enquiries please get in touch as we believe our price and methods will speak for themselves and we would just like the opportunity to give you a quote. Vessels are located in Rous Head Harbour, North Fremantle we service all of Western Australia and with road transportable options we also service inland waters, lakes and dams.

Maritime Services. They both have over 20 years experience working on various marine infrastructure projects. They have worked all around the state working on projects from small private jetties to new wharfs, including working at every Yacht Club and Marina in the Swan River, being involved in new Marinas and jetties in Mandurah, the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, Hillarys Boat Harbour and working in every Port in the South West.

Supply and drive 9 piles Supply and Install 3 galvanised finger jetties. EWP Barges. Our elevated work platform barges caters for all marine infrastructure from new construction projects to under bridge inspections, maintenance and repairs. Our floating EWP barges have third party sign off with stability approval with working heights up to 15 metres.Our fleet of vibratory hammers includes vibro hammers for excavators or cranes from just 1, pounds up to pile drivers that weigh 16, pounds.

We have side clamp vibratory hammers so that you can grip the pile from the side when you have low overhead room or you are driving large piles with an excavator mounted vibro hammer. Parts and service are locally available. CZM rental and sale pricing is more than competitive. If your job is not large enough for a drilling rig then consider our hydraulic augers or air augers.

Air pile hammers are extremely reliable and cost effective. We have been offering these types of pile drivers for decades. Diesel hammers are also available. Diesel pile drivers are another cost effective solution.

Pile Driving and Drilling Equipment Rental or Sale

They are very lightweight relative to the striking energy that they can deliver. Drop hammers are the lowest cost solution but they take a long time to complete most jobs.

The excavator lead system is a great way to mount leads on your excavator and turn it into a tool that is similar to a pile rig or drill rig. These pile driving equipment solutions and drill rigs can drive or drill for sheet pile, wood or timber pile, pipe pile, H pile, H beams, I beams, and concrete pile.

Our service is responsive and knowledgeable and we will beat competitive quotes. Call us today for availability and pricing. Call Located minutes from Philadelphia. Pile Driving and Drilling Equipment Rental or Sale Vibratory Hammers Our fleet of vibratory hammers includes vibro hammers for excavators or cranes from just 1, pounds up to pile drivers that weigh 16, pounds.

Air Pile Hammers Air pile hammers are extremely reliable and cost effective. Excavator Lead System The excavator lead system is a great way to mount leads on your excavator and turn it into a tool that is similar to a pile rig or drill rig.

Please Call for Current Inventory. HPSI 20 Small vibro hammer with hydraulic power pack for use with crane or excavator. ICE Vibro hammer with hydraulic power pack for use with crane.

ICE Vibratory Hammer with hydraulic power pack for use with crane. ICE Vibratory pile driver with power pack for use with crane. ICE Large vibratory hammer with hydraulic power pack for use with crane. MKT 3 Small air pile driver for use with forklift or skid steer. MKT 5 Small air pile hammer for use with forklift, skid steer, excavator, or crane. MKT 6 Air pile hammer for use with excavator or crane for rent.

MKT 7 Air pile driver for use with excavator or crane. Vulcan 2 Air pile hammer with McDermid base for use with excavator or crane.

MKT 9B3 Air pile driver for use with excavator or crane.


MKT 10B3 Air pile hammer for use with excavator or crane. Vulcan 1 Air pile driver for use with excavator or crane.The heaviest ever cylinder has been supplied by Bosch Rexroth to enable the smooth operation of a meters tall derrick.

Bosch Rexroth is known for its expertise in engineering in the world and the was called by the Government of China to provide with an innovative cylinder solution for a new piling barge.

China is looking forward to develop more of offshore wind farms thereby increasing the available amount of green energy and also build bridges and harbor walls for protection and to connect. Finding an area at sea that will suit the construction was difficult.

To make this possible, the Government of China decided on the biggest piling barge of the world. The barge is featured with a derrick that is meter tall that can help reach the housing for concrete pillars into areas of the seabed that remains unexplored yet.

This will enable the government to make more investment in offshore wind farms and green energy solutions and they will also be able to make more bridges so as to get along with the increasing population moving. It is important for the derrick to be stable in challenging conditions and be slowly moved with no sudden changes in speed.

This will be possible with the cylinder and thus, Bosch Rexroth has been selected by the Chinese Government for it.

It is, however, the heaviest, at tons.

Products | Piling- and drilling barge

We were also able to show them our research and development facility, where they could talk to our engineers, which gave them even more confidence in Bosch Rexroth. The cylinder is so designed that it can withstand any condition and thus, operate smoothly and reliably.

All the aspects from smoothness, corrosion protection, security factors to tribology has been taken care of in its construction.

It is a robust and innovative cylinder which is coated with Enduroq to make it even more durable. We used our Enduroq laser welded stainless steel coating, as this is proven to be highly durable while offering the required smoothness.

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piling barge

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You might like. About the Author: Tanya Agarwal. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.All that you need to do is jet your piling in to stabilize and then place your pile driver on top of the piling, turn on the air PSI at 24 to 30 CFM.

In this range our pile driver operates at 40 to 55 strokes per minute for maximum efficiency and then observe piling being driven to your described depth. No more barge moving or rocking up and down each time you lift your drop hammer pile driver to drive your piling in to it correct depth.

Our Colton Dual Action Pile Driver will pay for its cost in just a few jobs in labor and time savings. All you need to do to operate our pile driver is connect it to air Compressor Producing 95 to PSI and from 24 to 30 CFM And raise it with your boom or winch atop your piling, then set On top of pilingthen turn on the air and watch it drive your piling.

Our pile driver weighs approximately 1, pounds and sets over the top of your piling to be driven to depth you chose.

World’s Largest Piling Barge To Be Built By Chinese Govt. & Bosch Rexroth

We will gladly provide you with address and phone number from satisfied customers who have used our pile driver sales services. We hope we can be of service to you and your company — if you like you can contact us anytime.Builtcompletely refurbished and upgraded in Foster catheads. Airflex low and high clutches.

Driving piles

Complete lubrication system. Elmagco Electric brake Rotary drive system: Continental Emsco model T rotar countershaft system. Block: Skytop Brewster model T, rated at tons. Joy Hydra Hook rated at tons. Swivel: Continental Emsco model LB block rated at ton.

Oil bath and positive flow lubrication. External circulating lubrication system with AC motor, magnetic filter. Manual reset relief valves, — PSI. Discharge strainers.

piling barge

Liquid mud system: 5 mud tanks including slugging pit, bbls. Process tank bbls. New mud system. Mud tanks fitted with 20HP mud agitators. Woodward EG13P governors.

Prime transfer pumps. Premium instrumentation. Emergency generator: Cummins QSX BOP system: 1 accumulator system: 20 each x 11 gallon bladder type bottles. Trip tank fitted with 2x3 centrifugal pump 40bbls.

Sanitary water pressure system designed for 70 gpm 60 psi with ASME coded tank, pressure switches, relief valves.

Capacities: Accommodations: 59 man.Includes 50 HP 4-stroke Yamaha engine.

piling barge

Heavy duty hammer, largest provided by manufacturer. Additional hammer to do sheet pilings. With helm. Handles 4" to 14" pilings x 30' long.

All factory engineered and ma Located Louisiana. Link Belt LSB 40 ton latt Select Country USA 7. Select Category Marine equipment 4. Cranes 2. Piling Rigs 1. Select Condition Used 7. Select Year. Used pile driving barges - 7 listings. Get email updates for pile driving barges Email:. Limit this alert to this location:. See all results Pile form in Norcross, GA.

Pile of. See all 5, results Contact seller for more information Email. Click to Contact Seller. Please enter your name and company First name. Last name. Next Prev. Please enter your location Country. Please enter your phone number Phone. Send me email alerts for similar machines.All hammers use a pair of pnuematic air cylinders with stainless steel rods. Repair Guy is known for helping solve customer's challenges with pile hammers and barges.

We carefully listen to the needs of each company or customer and offer solutions that streamline the work output on the barges. Our staff can build a new steel or aluminum custom barge to your specifications.

If you own a barge we can modify or reconfigure it to meet your current or changing needs on the water. Compare our pile driving hammer to the traditional competitor's design. We are the next generation of pile driving hammers. A much safer approach. There is no chance of anything becoming smashed between the hammer and piling while running. Surrounding neighbors will appreciate how much quieter the Claw Hammer is compared to an open hammer.

The Claw Hammer will store standing up and does not have a risk of falling over injuring anybody or rolling off your barge. Extremely dangerous.

Our most popular size pnuematic pile driving hammer. When activated the Claws will apply up to LBS of pressure securely grabbing the wood piling. As a result of the grip the piling and the hammer are as one. No more hammer bouncing around or tipping to the side due to piling sizes. There are 2 models of the Claw Hammer Claw Hammer has a lbs hammer weight and gross of lbs.

The Claw Hammer 12 is rated at lifting a lbs wood piling with a diamter between 12"-9". Hammer will accept up to 15" Pilings. Hammer weights starting at lbs and up. No Claw with this Hammer. All Hammers have a 30 Day parts warrenty. If you are in the industry you know the beating these hammers take. The shock load will eventually break items. Daily checks are important to make sure no items are loose.

We have had good positive words from owners about the durability of our hammers. We have heard many reports of other manufacturers with control valve problems constantly and a lot of down time.

piling barge

We stock all the parts on our shelves in case of a failure. We just want to be up front with the customer. Crane barge for hire, rent dock building barge, rent small barge, lease small barge in Florida, Aluminum Barges, Aluminum hydraulic power packs, Claw pneumatic,Claw Hammer, Pneumatic pile drivers, aluminum barge, barge repair, aluminum fabrication, custom marine welding, turn-key barge, marine cranes, piling cranes, Marine construction,Marine contractors, Marine dock drill systems, Marine piling drill.

Turn-key aluminum barges and piling drivers.

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